Instrumental Music

Course Descriptions

3rd Grade Recorder Band:

4th Grade Instrumental lessons and beginning band experience:

5th & 6th Grade Instrumental lessons and beginning band experience:

7th & 8th Grade instrumental lessons and concert band experience:

Senior High Band - 40 weeks - 1/2 credit:
Members are students who play band instruments in grades 9 through 12. Rehearsals are during the school day, every other day. Senior High Band performs three concerts per year as well as at a variety of other functions such as assemblies, graduation, football games, and a pep assembly. Band is an elective and is included on your report card.

Marching (Parade) Band:

Our marching group is made up of all band students in grades 9 through 12. We have a short spring parade season with a few evening practices and a couple of weekends of parades. Even our student athletes find our schedule not too demanding.

Football Pep-Band:

It is nice to have some music at our home games. Our Senior Band plays the first half of most home games from the bleachers. The Star Spangled Banner and a variety of pep songs are played. Of course, football players and cheerleaders in the band are excused. Other student athletes who have away events the same evening as football games are also excused.

Instrumental Lessons:

Each student who is enrolled in band receives one small group lesson per week. These lessons rotate throughout the class day.


  • Regular concert and parade performances
  • Honor Society Assemblies
  • Pep Rally and home football games
  • Overnight field trips
  • Graduation performances