Vocal Music

Course Descriptions

Pre K-8 General Music classes

Music in Our Lives - 40 weeks - 1 credit:
Music In our Lives is a course designed for the music lover and provides skills for social instrumental performance. Studied are banjo, mandolin, guitar, and piano. Students learn to read and transcribe into TAB; transpose; perform satisfactorily on these instruments. No previous experience is necessary. Various applications of music for life are studied with reinforcement of a basic knowledge for personal enjoyment. This course can satisfy the Fine Arts requirement for graduation.

Music Appreciation - 40 weeks - 1 credit:

Music Appreciation is a course in the study of classification of music - from styles, periods, trends and interpretation. Requires listening, basic music skills, and some performance background.

Music Theory - 40 weeks - 1 credit:

Music Theory is a course in the study of the mechanics of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, form, composition, listening, and performance. Participation in a YCS performance ensemble is required.

MUSIC MAJOR - for the serious and dedicated musician:

To receive a Music Major, a student must successfully complete a sequence of Music Theory, Music Appreciation, and participation in a vocal and/or instrumental ensemble. Music Theory and Music Appreciation are offered alternately every year.

5th-6th Grade Vocal Chorus:

7th-8th Grade Vocal Chorus:

Senior High Chorus - 40 weeks - 1/2 credit:

Sr. High Chorus is comprised of students in grades 9-12. It provides experience in SATB choral literature-varying styles and performance. Rehearsals are scheduled as a class in the daily schedule every other day. Membership in Sr. High Chorus gains a ½ credit towards graduation per year and gives eligibility to a student for All-County and Area All-State chorus festivals and County solo and NYSSMA spring solo evaluation, as well as conference All-State Chorus. This is a graded class included on the report card. Concerts: winter, pops, and spring arts festivals are required. This vocal ensemble is a requirement of the Music major.

** Note: Junior High students who participate in Senior High Chorus will be eligible to receive 1/2 unit of credit toward graduation.

Solo Festival Participation:

The AP segment of the YCS Choral program is the participation in the County Solo (January) and NYSSMA Spring evaluation Festivals. These events are designed for the development and recognition of talented vocalists. This requires much preparation in lessons and a final evaluation by NYSSMA judges. This is a part of the portfolio process for future activities in high school and college. Not all chorus members are required or identified for this experience. The students who do this extra effort are required to participate at a satisfactory level and will receive points to their chorus average.

Extra Curricular:

  • All Sporting Events - National Anthem Performances
  • All County Music festival (3 Levels)
  • NYSSMA Solo Festival (Advanced Opportunity Musical Theater Trips - Broadway)
  • Spring Musical Theater Production
  • Masonic Talent Show
  • Special Olympics - Opening Ceremonies