Foreign Language

Teachers and Courses:

Mr. Jeremy Petraitis:

Mrs. Justine Arthur: (Department Chairperson)


The goal of the Foreign Language department is to develop communication skills in Spanish while promoting cultural awareness and tolerance.

Department Courses

Middle School -

7th Grade Spanish IA
8th Grade Spanish IB

High School -

9th Grade Spanish II

10th Grade Spanish III (GCC-6 credit hours)

11th Grade Spanish IV (GCC-6 credit hours)

12th Grade Spanish V

Spanish IA - (Grade 7) - 40 weeks - 1 credit (Required)

This is a beginning level course in Spanish language and culture. The class meets every day for 40 weeks. Emphasis is on communication, acquisition of vocabulary through verb-associated topics, and a variety of Spanish culture based units. The students will use the textbook and workbook from En Español and complete the first three units of the book.

Spanish IB - (Grade 8) - 40 weeks - 1 credit (Required)

This is a continuation of grade 7 Spanish. Classes meet everyday. Class material covered this year builds on what was previously taught and expands into all areas of communication - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Culturally we explore the Hispanic world, the Spanish language, music, film, and Spanish cooking. The students continue to use the textbook and workbook Enspañol. All students must pass the State Proficiency Exam and the course in order to receive one unit of credit.

Foreign Language Club:

The Foreign Language Club is a 7th -12th grade club that offers activities for each age group. Members get together for various age appropriate activities such as cartoon time, dinner and a movie, food festivals, and holiday activities such as Day of the Dead and La Posada. We sponsor a Christmas Door Decorating Contest in the elementary school and offer one scholarship to a graduating senior who plans to continue studying Spanish in college. Our fundraisers include a Cookie Dough Sale in October and a Dinner and More Raffle in November. All money fundraised is calculated each year on a spreadsheet so if that student decides to travel with the club, the money earned from fundraising is submitted on his/her behalf to the travel company. Money earned by club members who do not travel helps support the club activities and scholarship. Parents and students who are serious about traveling with the club are encouraged to join the Foreign Language Travel Booster Club. For more information please contact Justine Lathan-Arthur at or (585) 243-2990 x4119.


2006—Paris, France and Madrid, Spain

2008—Costa Rica

2010—Madrid and Southern Spain

2012—Costa Rica