Home and Careers

Teacher and Courses:

Julie Savage

Course Descriptions:

Home & Career Skills - Middle School - 30 weeks:

4 sections grade 6 - 20 weeks
4 sections grade 7 - 10 weeks

The broad objectives of the curriculum are to:

  • Develop skills which lead to effective decision making, problem solving and management in the home, school, community and work place.
  • Develop concepts and skills basic to home and family responsibilities
  • Develop personal skills which will enhance employment potential.

6th Grade Home and Careers: 20 weeks

This course helps students to examine their strengths, talents, and preferences to prepare them to begin choosing their career options. They will learn about traits that they can develop as students, such as responsibility and teamwork, that will be valuable to them as future employees. Students will also learn decision - making skills, the many resources available to help them, and how to wisely use limited resources. Participation in hands-on activities such as food preparation and simple sewing projects introduces students to basic cooking procedures and machine sewing methods.

7th Grade Home and Careers: 10 weeks

This course will help students begin to chart their path from their middle school experiences to life after high school through examination of their individual talents, interests, and aptitudes. Students will explore several different careers through research, writing, and other media, and compare the education, training, skills and personality traits necessary for each career with their own personal assets. Students will learn to make wise and nutritious food choices by using consumer skills such as reading labels, comparison-shopping, and budgeting their time and other resources. Each student will take part in active learning through practical, hands-on activities that teach essential life skills. Each student will complete a sewing project that reflects his or her individual interests. A variety of cooking labs will teach students kitchen skills and safety as well as introduce them to new ways to incorporate more fiber and lower fat into their diets.