Community Service

Community Service is an opportunity for you to reach out to your community and help those in need. This is not only helpful for the people/organization that you are volunteering for but can also be very rewarding for yourself as well!

As a National Honor Society Member, you are required to provide service to your community. You must complete at least 2-3 hours each month. This community service may be completed through participating in the KACH program at school, volunteering in your community - ie. volunteering at a nursing home, pet shelter, food bank, fundraisers, church, etc. You may also help people in need in your community - ie. babysit for people who cannot afford to pay a babysitter (with prior approval), yard work for elderly or handicapped, etc. If you have any doubt about what is acceptable CS and what is not ASK FIRST! Examples of acceptable CS: babysitting for people who cannot afford to pay a babysitter (with prior approval), yard work for your elderly or handicapped neighbor, cleaning up trash in your community, volunteering to cook/serve dinner at a local church, volunteering at the Special Olympics, etc. Examples of UNacceptable CS: babysitting for someone you usually babysit for and not getting paid, doing yardwork for your grandparents (or any relatives), community service you do with your sports team ("double-dipping"), volunteering for sports boosters, etc. If you have any questions, ask Mrs. Savage or Mrs. Liptak. We are asking each member to reach out to the community, not just YCS, therefore, if you are a KACH student, you will be required to provide at least one month of your community service to the community. You may use community service that you completed over the summer for the month of September only.

If you have any questions regarding what is or is not acceptable forms of community service, please see either Mrs. Savage or Mrs. Liptak for clarification.

Community Service Form

You must fill out the Community Service form each month and submit it by the 2nd Monday of the following month. You may download and print this form below or you can find copies in Mrs. Savage's or Mrs. Liptak's room or on the NHS bulletin board on the basement level of school.