Scholarship Opportunities

Here are a few scholarship opportunities for seniors. Be sure to check out the application deadlines! Check back often for new additions.

National Honor Society - February 1, 2017 -

GRST QDMA - Quality Deer Management - March 2017 - please see Mrs. Savage about this, it is a $1000 scholarship

The GRST QDMA Branch has established this scholarship to demonstrate the high value that it places upon the efforts of our young adults to become involved in conservation efforts and the appreciation of our wildlife and its habitat. The GRST Branch wishes to recognize those students who take a serious interest in their academics and have expressed and/or demonstrated a concern for and interest in wildlife management; particularly in the white-tailed deer. Preference will be given to students entering a field of study in Conservation. Examples, but not limited to: Wildlife Biology, Forestry, and Conservation Police.